Don't Let Trees Block Your Bulldozer

Schedule residential land clearing services before you start building in Mill Creek & Altoona, PA

You can't build on a plot of land that's covered with trees, bushes and other obstacles. But that doesn't mean you have to stress over clearing off your property. Instead, turn to Whitsel's Excavating and Landscaping, LLC for residential land clearing services. No matter the size of your property, we'll use heavy-duty equipment to remove all the vegetation standing in the way of your progress.

Schedule residential land clearing services in Mill Creek & Altoona, PA by contacting us today.

Say goodbye to stubborn shrubs on your commercial property

Your land isn't ready for that new office or restaurant without commercial land clearing services. That's because stray brush can:

Steal nutrients from your grass
Become a breeding ground for pests
Clog your irrigation system with roots

Start your construction project off right. Call 814-599-1353 now to consult a commercial land clearing specialist about your needs in the Mill Creek, PA area.